High-speed Transmissions

High-speed Transmissions

SN1995 high speed transmissionAvailable with operating speeds to 80,000 RPM, Cotta high speed transmissions are used extensively in Research and Development testing as well as production testing of aircraft components such as generators, CSD’s, and pumps.

Available as both speed increasers and speed decreasers, Cotta high speed transmissions are also used in a full range of non-aviation applications ranging from magnetic levitation trains to centrifugal driers.

Although each model is highly specialized, the wide range of existing high speed designs is likely to provide a suitable transmission for most applications, or a candidate which can be easily modified.

So, whether a standard, modified standard, or a completely new design, Cotta high speed transmissions will meet your requirements.

Cotta high speeds fall into several basic designs. Our independent mount transmission come with either single or dual outputs. Each type is available with either one stage gear trains with ratios to about 1:7, or dual stage gear trains with ratios up to 1:22. Higher ratios are available in planetary designs or via multiple gear trains.

A hybrid of these transmission is the coaxial unit. The co-ax has test heads at both ends of the output shaft which is hollow. This transmission is designed to test both a CSD and generator simultaneously by mounting one at each end of the hollow output shaft and connecting the two by means of a quill shaft through the hollow shaft.

Cotta flex drives are an “add on” transmission. Flex drives come in ratios to just over 1:3 and are installed on the output of existing transmission to multiply the output speed. The output of the Flex drive replicates the output of the base transmission.
Our High Speed pdf catalog can be viewed by clicking on the following link High Speed Catalog.

NEW!!! Cotta is now offering a special purpose transmission for use primarily in aircraft high speed component test stands. The SN2105, although very compact, features a nominal capacity of 200 HP and over speed ratios up to 5.5. The SN2105 is a candidate for the most cost effective true high speed transmission on the market. To see complete details click here –> SN2105 Specifications.