Parts and Service

Parts and Service.

To find how to service Cotta products, call the Parts Department between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. CST at 608-368-5600 or email In order to properly respond to your request, Cotta will need the Stock List number (bill of materials) from the nameplate of your transmission. If the nameplate is missing, provide the serial number.

The serial number is a six digit number (five digits on very old gearboxes) stamped into the gear case. The serial number is usually visible when looking down on the transmission in its installed position. Note: in 2011 a new serial numbering system consisting of sales order/sequence was established. This system uses a 5 digit number followed by a dash and then the sequential no. Example: 45677-3 indicating the third transmission produced on order number 45677.

Cotta can cross reference the serial number to your exact model. If you do not have a parts list for the transmission you are servicing, you can request one from the Sales Department.

The parts list together with the blueprint drawing will allow you to identify the individual parts in the transmission. Call the above number and request a parts list, or fax your request to 608-368-5605. Be sure to included your fax number – many of the parts lists are faxable. Drawings and illustrations should be emailed in PDF or similar graphic format. Include your email address and indicate the format you wish to receive the drawings.