Reversing Drives

Reversing Drives.

Cotta reversing gearboxes are installed between the main transmission and the drive axle. When reverse is selected, the vehicle can travel in the reverse direction while using the main transmission forward ranges.

Four basic sizes are available ranging from 125 HP to 475 HP. Custom designs are available for higher capacities or for special purposes.
Reversing boxes are available in either parallel or concentric shaft designs. Parallel shaft designs have a drop between the input and output shafts. This feature often can be used to resolve drive line angle problems.

Concentric shaft designs have the input and output on the same axis.

Applications include end loaders, vehicles designed for road/rail operation, and other applications where the vehicle cannot turn around.

Tabulation of Reversing boxes

Model HP Capacity Max Input speed Configuration
TS1925 125 2800 Concentric
TS2173 250 2800 Parallel
TS2083 350 2400 Concentric
TS2131 475 2500 Concentric