Charles Cotta is a name you might not recognize unless you know the “4X4”, a term used for four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, a revolutionary idea that changed the automotive industry globally, inspired new methods of technological, mechanical ways of doing things.

Cotta, as far as is known, had no extended education, no engineering degree, but made all parts of the Cotta-mobile by hand, tooling and retooling, cutting and re-cutting. No “warehouse of parts” existed. Welding as we know it had yet to be developed. Charles Cotta, born and raised in Lanark, IL, was a self-taught genius in his field of expertise.

Cotta is the premier leading manufacturer of top-quality, precision-engineered gearboxes for many specialized mobile and stationary applications such as vocational trucks, defense, off-highway, aerospace, heavy industry, well-drilling, mining, marine and much more.

You don’t have to be a gearbox expert with Cotta as your source. Whether you need a standard, modified standard, or a completely new design, our engineering team will work with you to meet your specific requirements, effectively and efficiently.  Cotta’s engineers and designers work with our customers to develop solutions, and then deliver drawings in virtually any CAD format to drop into the customer’s own design.

High-performance products, collaborative team of experts, solving problems & exceeding expectations!

On 2/24/21 Cotta celebrated Jason L. and Andy B. in recognition of their 25 years of service!

AGMA expressed their thanks to Cotta Transmission Company, LLC for being a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting.  Cotta focuses on capability, efficiency, and the process flow to ensure the most important product quality.  Cotta has 55 techniques employed in all departments that improve standardization in the production process.

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Cotta combines prior experience with forward thinking to provide the exact product our customers require.  Cotta’s complete product line supports a wide variety of industries and applications, where demanding performance is required under the most extreme working conditions and challenging environments.  Cotta’s high-performance products and collaborative team of experts are solving problems and exceeding expectations.

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