Cotta’s complete product line supports a wide variety of industries and applications, where demanding performance is required under the most extreme working conditions and challenging environments.  One of those industries where Cotta’s products are in high demand is the vocational truck industry. Trucks in this type of industry typically include construction trucks, utility trucks, garbage trucks, heavy haul trucks and more.   Cotta manufactures these overspeed gearboxes for a customer that has been using the units in a sewer pumping application.  Over 10 years the gearboxes have proven to be a reliable and durable solution for the customer.

Unit specifications:  

Ratio:  1 to 1.61

Max Output Speed:  3600 RPM

Max Input Torque:  350 Ft-Lb

Approximate Weight:  220 Lb

Speed Increasing Gearbox

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Cotta continues to see increased demand for high speed gearboxes from companies worldwide.  Some of the high speed gearboxes that are currently in process at Cotta’s facility will be used in test stand applications for the aerospace industry.  Over 50 years, Cotta has designed and manufactured a diverse line of high speed gearboxes that are used by some of the largest OEM companies in the world for numerous R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace, and industrial components. Cotta’s experienced engineers can take virtually any new transmission application from concept to delivery. Benefiting from years of experience in the high speed gearbox arena, Cotta has numerous existing models that can be substantially customized or modified.


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If you have an existing project and need a recommendation on a high speed gearbox that will best meet the needs of your application, please call 608-368-5600, or emailing .

Workover rigs, also called completion rigs or pulling units, are specialized oil rigs set up for inserting or pulling pipe tubing in and out of wells. Workover crews are called when an oil well has been drilled, is undergoing repair or is being retired. Cotta manufactures a 3 shaft transfer case that is being used in workover rigs.  The gearbox moves the power from the rear wheels, and while stationary over a well when the mast is up, it is used to run the draw works and winches.

This 3 shaft transfer case is designed for maximum application flexibility.  The T-case has mirror symmetry and provides four identical input/output stations.  Each station has a 2.75 X 10 splined shaft, and can be fitted with yokes or flanges.  A disconnect (de-clutch) can be fitted to the I/O stations to provide power interruption. An optional line of disconnects features SAE pump pad outputs. A special version of this  model can be configured as a transfer case, drop box, PTO, or pump drive.  Most options are available for field retrofit without having to return, remove, or disassemble the gearbox.


Nominal Application Power:  600 HP

Torque Capacity:

  • 2200 lb-ft continuous through gears
  • 6800 lb-ft continuous through shaft
  • 17000 lb-ft momentary through shaft

Max Speed:  2800 RPM

Ratio:  1:1 input to output

Center Distance:  17 inches input to output

Rotation:  Outputs rotate same direction as input

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir.  Lube pump furnished

Shifting: Disconnects are air shift.  Mechanical shift option available

Output Shaft Size:  2.75 -10 straight side spline

Common Options:  SAE and ISO yokes and flanges, disconnects, pump pads, clutches, stub shaft

Weight:  Approximately 600 lbs w/o options


Cotta. High-performance products. Collaborative team of experts. Solving problems and exceeding expectations. A Cotta transmission gearbox – crafted and matched to meet your specific needs – is one of the most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in our industry.  We take great pride and care in designing gearboxes. We work together to discover your specific needs, or uncover the power issues causing problems, and design the best possible high-speed transmission gearbox, speed increaser or reducer, pump drive, or product your situation needs. To learn more, visit… or call 608-368-5600.


Contact Cotta at or call 608-368-5600

It is not uncommon for Cotta to receive service part requests for gearboxes that have been operating in the field for over 50 years.  That says a lot about the quality and durability of Cotta’s products.  If you are looking for replacement parts to a Cotta gearbox, you can contact Cotta directly.

How easy is it to find the part that you need? It’s simple, all you need is the information below:

  • Stock List Number (P/N) on Transmission name plate
  • Or Serial Number on Transmission name plate

If the nameplate happens to be missing, you can provide Cotta with the serial number stamped into the gear case. This is usually visible when looking down on the transmission in its installed position (see picture below).

Cotta Gearbox Serial Number

Cotta also has an online library of interactive part schematics linked to each unit’s bill of materials. You can select a unit, then the part number(s) for what you need to order, and then specify the number of items per part.

Learn more – Interactive Part Schematics Library

Cotta offers a heavy duty 4-station pump drive in either engine mount via SAE flange, or independent mount.  This unit has output stations for fitment with SAE pump pads, sizes “B” to “F”, and various ISO and custom pads.  Pad size and location are customer specified.


Max Power:

  • Input:  3000 HP
  • Output:  825 HP at any output

Max Input Speed:  2100 RPM

Max Torque:  10,700 lb-ft. input

Rotation:  Output pads rotate opposite input

Ratio:  1:014 reduction

Output Options:  SAE, ISO, and custom pump pads.  Custom shafts, disconnects, and clutches

Mounting Options:  SAE flange size #00. Independent

Flywheel Coupling Options W/SAE Flange:  Overcenter clutches, torsional couplings, drive plates, custom

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Lube pump and filter included. Heat exchanger required

Approximate Weight:  6100 lbs


Cotta’s high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you with the competitive edge you need to meet the most demanding pumping challenges. They provide up to 3000 HP, and include extra-wide pump spacing to ensure easy maintenance.  Our engineers here at Cotta have been designing heavy-duty pump drives for many decades, so we can offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements.