We have all faced some unprecedented challenges this past year, learning how to live and work during a pandemic.  Companies had to find innovative ways to reach out to new customers, as well as find ways to stay close to existing customers.  Cotta understands that the success of our business does not only come from making the best products in the business, it also comes from making the entire process easier for our customers as they seek custom gearbox solutions.  As 2021 comes to an end, we look back and reflect on our success this past year.  The entire Cotta team rose to the challenge of working through such volatile times, and had an amazing year.  We thank all of our customers for their loyalty and confidence in Cotta products, our suppliers, as well as our entire Cotta team for their hard work and dedication to providing the best products around.  Looking forward to another successful year in 2022!

Cotta’s pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and machining to offer you with the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges. Cotta recently manufactured this pump drive for an oilfield application.

See specifications below:

  • Ratio: 1.27 to 1 Reducer
  • Max Input Power: 2,500 HP
  • Max Input Torque: 6,100 FT-LB

Max Power: Upper Pads: 1,100 HP

  • SAE E Pad: 360 HP
  • SAE C Pad: 135 HP

Max Input Speed: 2,100 RPM

Approximate Weight: 6,200 LB

Approximate Oil Volume: 13 GAL.



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Gearboxes keep moving through assembly as Cotta keeps product flowing to meet the high customer demand.  Cotta’s entire team continues to be busy from the first contact with the customer, to the design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of the gearboxes. Cotta continues to systematically and comprehensively monitor the quality of all internal processes.  First-piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support our zero-defect policy. The proper assembly of gearboxes is a crucial step in providing reliable products that are capable of sustaining harsh environments.  Cotta is fortunate to have one of the best assembly teams in the industry.   Their experience and knowledge has proven to be very beneficial, and has helped to play a key role in Cotta’s success throughout the years.

More than a century, Cotta has been a driving force in the design of heavy-duty transmissions.  LEARN MORE



Cotta Transmission has designed and built gearboxes for unique applications that have custom interface requirements.  Cotta’s engineering team recently designed another custom high-speed gearbox that will be used in a test stand application.  Cotta tests every transmission prior to being sent out to the customer. This speed reducer recently finished the assembly process, and is shown running in one of Cotta’s test labs.

See specifications below:

Ratio:  10.2 to 1

Input Design Rating: 200 HP at 3570 RPM

Input Max Torque:  300 FT-LB

Input Max Speed:  15,000 RPM

Approximate Weight: 1050 LB Gearbox Only, 760 LB Base Only


To contact Cotta to speak to an application specialist regarding your custom gearbox needs, you can email sales@cotta.com, or call 608-368-5600.



This past weekend Cotta celebrated 2021 with a holiday party at ABC Supply Stadium in Beloit, WI.  A huge thank you to the entire team at Cotta Transmission for another amazing year! Every single one of you are the reason why Cotta continues to be the leading force in Transmission Gearboxes.

Vibration can generally be divided into two categories – linear and torsional.  Linear, the type of vibration most of us are familiar with, is the shaking and the movement of equipment we can easily feel and hear.  As a rule, linear vibrations are related to some type of mechanical problem, such as imbalance or misalignment, or advanced wear of gears or bearings.  Linear vibrations tend to get worse as speeds increase. Automobile tire imbalance is a good example of linear vibration.  As speed increases, the vibration increases in both frequency and amplitude – in other words – the faster the tire turns the worse the imbalance becomes.

Torsional vibrations are much harder to identify, because they often cannot be felt.  Torsional vibrations usually exit only at certain speed/load conditions and often “come and go” with speed changes. This exists to some extent in all rotating systems, but is not normally a problem unless the system is driven or “excited” by a frequency source which is at, or near, the natural frequency of the system (resonance). Systems operating at resonance can generate forces equal to several times the expected forces.

Torsional analysis can predict the speeds at which a system may become resonant, allowing designers to “retune” the system with various methods such as torsional couplings and mass dampeners. Torsional analysis is typically performed by the system packager or a torsional coupling manufacturer.  The damage from linear vibration is usually no surprise. For example, a severely out of balance pulley could easily fail a shaft bearing.

Torsional vibrations generally cause unexpected damage. For example, a gear may wear or break in a fraction of the time it should have taken. Or, a shaft may break unexpectedly even though it is oversized.  When there seems to be no explanation for component failures – consider torsional vibrations. One particularly alarming torsional condition is full reversing in which applied torque actually passes back and forth through zero.  If a gearbox is subjected to a full reversing torque, a severe rattle can occur as the gear teeth load and unload. The noise generated by this action can be quite loud. Keep in mind that the noise might be the result of an existing severe torsional condition and not a defective gearbox.

If you suspect torsional or linear vibrations as a possible problem, contact Cotta Engineering for a discussion of the problem and possible diagnosis.

Cotta Transmission completed the assembly on this high-speed gearbox for a systems integrator specializing in dynamometers and test stands. The customer reached out to Cotta and needed a gearbox to reduce turbine speeds into their dynamometer speed range. This is the second unit at this installation and the requirement was to create a duplicate envelope gearbox with the new specifications. Cotta’s engineering team was able to fit the new ratio in the existing center distances while still providing all design requirements.

The high-speed gearbox will be used in a in R&D test stand application, with the dynamometer providing the load on the unit. The end user of the gearbox is one of the top science and technology research universities in the world.


Ratio:  1 to 15.68

Max Output Speed:  62,000 RPM

Max Power:  315 kW (420 HP)

Max Output Torque:  75 Nm (55 Ft-Lb) @ 40,000 RPM

Approximate Weight: 430 kg (950 LB)

Estimated Efficiency:  1270 BTU/Min




When purchasing a Cotta transmission, you are purchasing an “American Made” product that is built with the highest quality available.   Cotta’s team takes pride in providing customers with a product that is built to withstand the harshest environments.  You have access to the best in transmission technology expertise when Cotta is your chosen source.  Our engineers are a true extension of your company.  Having the experience of working with hundreds of companies and thousands of gearbox designs, our team of engineers will listen to your needs and share ideas, fulfilling your requirements to the best of our capabilities.  Cotta is ISO 9001:2015 Certified as well, which helps to ensure the highest quality practices in our product design and engineering, our test and measurement equipment, and other internal throughput processes.

Whether you need a standard, modified-standard or completely new design, Cotta is ready to go to work.  Cotta has 2,000+ existing product designs available, plus our experienced engineers and craftsmen who can take virtually any new transmission application from concept to delivery at our Beloit, Wisconsin production facility.  These are some of the many reasons why Cotta has been in business for over a century!

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