Cotta is in the process of assembling speed increasing gearboxes that will be used to run 2 and 3 stage centrifugal fans in sewer cleaning equipment.  Cotta has been a long time supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of sewer cleaning equipment worldwide.   Cotta is driven to design the best possible gearbox for each and every customer, and this robust gearbox is just another example of why customers turn to Cotta for a reliable and durable gearbox solutions.


Ratio:  1:23.0

Max Input Torque:  625 FT LB

Approximate Weight:  375 Lbs

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Cotta Transmission has extensive experience designing and manufacturing gearboxes for test stand applications. This particular speed increaser, shown in assembly, is being used for aerospace testing of fuel pumps.  The spindle on the gearbox goes through an anechoic chamber, so at high altitudes the components within chamber can be tested as if they were in flight.  The units were designed with the option to be used with or without the spindle.

See specifications below:

Ratio:  1 to 4.53

Max Output Speed:  10000

Max Power:  400 HP

Max Torque Per Pad: 265 FT-LB

Approximate Weight:  1525 LB

For more than a century, Cotta has been a leading and driving force in transmission gearboxes.  To contact Cotta for your custom gearbox needs, call 608-368-5600, or email

Cotta’s hardworking, high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges.   Cotta has an X-treme series 2, 3, and 4 pump drives, which are are rated a solid 1500 HP, and use up to 900 HP per pad.  SAE pump mounting pads are field configurable – simply order the pad and spline adapter you need and put it where you want it.  See below for other available options:

  • Drives can be driven either direction & used as power splitters or power combiners
  • SAE or DIN splines
  • Through drives can be provided
  • Through shafts with optional disconnect available
  • SAE bell housings available for direct mount to engines
  • ABS and DNV certifications if required

Listed below are examples of some markets/applications that are for Cotta Pump Drives:

  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Construction
  • Dredging
  • Drilling
  • Hydraulic Power
  • Process Equipment
  • Oilfield
  • Cranes

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Cotta has been in business for over a century, and after venturing into the high-speed gearbox market over 50 years ago, Cotta has been the go-to-solution provider for high-speed ever since.  Cotta has the ability to start with a “clean-sheet design”, which allows us to show you our versatility and experience to engineer a customized gearbox solution that fits your personal requirements and needs.  Whether it’s a standard build or a custom configuration, Cotta will find the right recommendation for you.

Cotta’s engineering team worked with a customer to develop a solution for another high-speed gearbox that will be used in an aerospace test stand application. Cotta ensures the highest quality practices in our product design and engineering, our test and measurement equipment, and other internal throughput processes. See gearbox specifications below:

Augmentor Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 8.36
  • Max Torque:  855 IN-LB @ 27,239 RPM
  • Max Speed:  29,963 RPM

Low Speed Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 2.61
  • Max Torque:  1,456 IN-LB @ 8,525 RPM
  • Max Speed;  9,378 RPM

Main Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 11.00
  • Max Torque:  486 IN-LB @ 34,900 RPM
  • Max Speed:  38,390 RPM

Approximate Weight:

  • 1,619 Lbs
  • Inertia:  39.11 LB-FT ², referred to input shaft

Cotta’s existing high-speed gearbox models are intended to summarize our capability, and to generate ideas – it is not an absolute product list. To view these models, click the link below:

Popular High-Speed Gearboxes

A Cotta gearbox – crafted and matched to meet your specific needs – is one of the most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in our industry. Cotta takes pride in being an industry leader in providing engineered gearbox solutions.  Another way for Cotta to help make the process of finding a custom solution easier for the customer is by making interactive catalogs available on the website.  For example, Cotta’s Drive Products Catalog includes Transfer Cases, Split-Shaft PTO, FWD/Rev , Hi-Lo, Auxiliary models.  The catalog gives you the ability to navigate to the desired page for each model. The pages include a drawing of each model showing the general arrangement and approximate spacing, as well as the additional information listed below:

  • Nominal Application Power
  • Input Torque Capacity
  • Max Input Speed
  • Ratio
  • Center Distance
  • Rotation
  • Lubrication
  • Shifting
  • Output Shaft Size
  • Common Options
  • Weight

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Cotta Transmission understands how difficult of a process it can be for those searching for a custom gearbox solution.  When choosing Cotta, you have access to the best in transmission technology available.  Our engineers are a true extension of your company.  The team, having experience working with hundreds of companies and thousands of gearbox designs, will listen to your needs and share ideas, fulfilling your requirements to the best of our capabilities.  Cotta’s website helps to make that process quicker, giving you options to search by product, with spec sheets of our most popular designs available for download.  Cotta’s Application Design Data Interactive Form also walks you through the information needed to help us understand your application’s requirements.

If you prefer to contact an Application Specialist direct, you may call 608-368-5600, or email

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Cotta Transmission recently completed assembly and testing on these split shaft PTO gearboxes. The gearboxes are ideal for applications that require using power from a truck engine to drive accessories, such as pumps, blowers, etc.  Some of these units will be going into small water well drill rigs.


Ratio:  1 to 1.08 Overspeed

Max Torque:

  • 12500 FT-LB Direct Drive
  • 1470 Ft-LB PTO

Max Speed:

  • 3000 RPM Direct Drive
  • 2300 RPM PTO

Approximate Weight:  470 lbs.

Cotta Speed Reducers are designed for use with the commercial offerings of major industrial engine manufacturers.  The reducers are furnished with bell housings to mount directly to the engine’s SAE flywheel housing.

Speed Reducers are available in increasing sizes from nominally 100 HP to 2200 HP, and with flywheel housing sizes from SAE 4 to 00.  At approximately 2200 HP capacity the gearboxes become physically too large to direct engine mount at which point independent mount gearboxes are offered.

Speed Reducers can be coupled to the engine by a variety of methods, including clutches, drive plates, or torsional couplings depending upon the application requirements.

Some of the reducers are suitable for driving side pull loads using belts or chains on the output shaft. Consult with Cotta Engineering before selecting a gearbox for use with a side pull load.

Cotta’s catalog is organized into a standard-ratio section and a high-ratio section with each sorted from smallest to largest by power capacity. These gearboxes are considered “standards” , but are not the only reducers available. Cotta offers modified standard boxes, as well as full-custom and purpose-built.

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Cotta has earned the reputation as a preferred high-performance gearbox supplier by consistently improving current product lines while developing new innovative ones.  Cotta comprehensively monitors the quality of all internal processes. First-piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support a zero-defect policy.  After assembly, every product is tested prior to shipment.

You have access to the best in transmission technology expertise when Cotta is your chosen source. Cotta’s engineers are a true extension of your company, and will use their experience of working with hundreds of companies and thousands of gearbox designs, will listen to your needs, and share ideas to fulfill your requirements.  Cotta is ISO 9001:2015 Certified as well, ensuring the highest quality practices in product design and engineering, test and measurement equipment, as well as other internal throughout processes. Whether you need a standard, modified-standard, or a completely new design, Cotta is ready to meet your needs.

To further enhance these capabilities, Cotta has invested in a state-of-the-art gearbox test facility that includes three programmable cells for High-Speed, Low-Speed, and Special Purpose Testing. The onsite test lab is just one more reason why companies are choosing Cotta for their gearbox needs.


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