Cotta’s high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges.  After the design, manufacturing and assembly process was complete, the unit was tested in one of our three State-of-the-Art Testing cells.

See specifications:

Ratio:  1 to 1

Max Speed:  2000 RPM

Max Input Power:  2285 HP

Max Input Torque:  6000 FT-LB

For SAE “E” PAD:

  • Max Output Torque:  1310 FT-LB
  • Max Output Power:  500 HP

For SAE “B” PAD:

  • Max Output Torque:  260 FT-LB
  • Max Output Power:  100 HP

Approximate Weight:  3200 LB

Approximate Oil Capacity: 9.5 GAL

Cotta pump drives provide up to 3000 HP, and include extra-wide pump spacing to ensure easy maintenance.  The engineers at Cotta have been designing heavy-duty pump drives for many decades, which allows us to offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements.

Learn More:  Cotta Pump Drives

Cotta has designed and manufactured speed reducers in the US for over 100 years.  Cotta speed reducers match the optimum engine speed to the optimum driven equipment speed, allowing your engine and load to both operate at ideal efficiency.  Typical uses include pumps, dredges, compressors, crushers, drills, and high-performance machinery for oil and gas, construction, mining, and other industrial applications.  The gearboxes are heavy-duty and are designed for use with diesel engines, electric motors, PTO’s, and other prime movers.

Cotta recently completed assembly on this custom designed reduction unit. See specifications below:

Ratio:  3.98 to 1

Max Input Speed:  2200 RPM

Max Power:  700 HP

Max Input Torque:  2400 Ft-Lb

Approximate Weight:  1970 Lbs

If you’re looking for a custom gearbox solution, Cotta’s team of experts will work with you to find the best fit for your application.  To speak to an Application Specialist, call 608-368-5600 or email .


The Cotta team will gather today for the June’s Employee Appreciation lunch with a Build-Your-Own-Burger Bar.  Cotta welcomes new team members Jason Blake (Mill Machinist), Ron Coy (Lathe Machinist), and Rusty Tillman (Operations Manager).

Congratulations to the following employees for completing the Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Course:

  • Jeff Staas
  • Nate Zastrow
  • Joe Meints
  • Jen Kuntz
  • Cal Powers
  • Andy Buczkowski

June Anniversary Recognition is given to Saul Vargas for 15 years of employment at Cotta, and to Alex Witte for 1 year.  Both Saul and Alex have played a key role in Cotta’s success during their employment.

Retirement Announcement: Sarah Brady, Cotta’s Customer Service Representative, has announced her retirement after 17 years of employment at Cotta. Sarah’s last day will be June 29th.

June Birthdays:

  • Jason Wrage
  • Saul Vargas
  • James Sanders
  • Pat McNinch

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Cotta continues to solidify our reputation as a preferred high-performance gearbox supplier by consistently improving our current line of products along with developing new innovative products. We systematically and comprehensively monitor the quality of all internal processes. First-piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support our zero-defect policy, and then we assemble and test every transmission product we ship from our plant.

Over a century, Cotta has served customers worldwide offering speed reducers, speed increasers, hydraulic pump drives, split-shaft PTO’s, and high speed transmissions. Contact Cotta at 608-368-5600 or email .