5 Shaft Transfer Case

TR2248 Transfer Case

Cotta Transmission’s TR2248 is a 5 shaft transfer case designed to provide vehicle motor power to road to the work site and then shift to PTO to re-direct engine power to deck and ancillary equipment.  A combination of internal and external disconnects (de-clutches) serve to shift from road-to-PTO, as well as clutching and de-clutching the deck equipment.  A variety of optional pads, disconnects, yokes, etc. are available to power a wide range of ancillary equipment.  The spec drawing shows a typical configuration.

Nominal Application Power: 725 HP

Torque Capacity: 

  • 1900 lb-ft continuous through gears
  • 12500 lb-ft continuous through PTO shaft
  • 17000 lb-ft momentary through PTO shaft

Max Speed: 3000 RPM


  • 1:1 input to output
  • 1.2 overspeed input to pump-pad

Center Distance: 33.44 inches input to output

Rotation: Output stations rotate same direction as input

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Lube pump furnished

Shifting: Air Shift

Output Shaft Size: 2.75-10 straight side spline

Common Options: SAE and ISO yokes and flanges, disconnects, pump pads, clutches, stub shaft

Weight: Approximately 1200 lbs


Cotta Transfer Case

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