Gearbox for Aerospace Testing Application

Cotta Speed Increaser

Cotta Transmission has extensive experience designing and manufacturing gearboxes for test stand applications. This particular speed increaser, shown in assembly, is being used for aerospace testing of fuel pumps.  The spindle on the gearbox goes through an anechoic chamber, so at high altitudes the components within chamber can be tested as if they were in flight.  The units were designed with the option to be used with or without the spindle.

See specifications below:

Ratio:  1 to 4.53

Max Output Speed:  10000

Max Power:  400 HP

Max Torque Per Pad: 265 FT-LB

Approximate Weight:  1525 LB

For more than a century, Cotta has been a leading and driving force in transmission gearboxes.  To contact Cotta for your custom gearbox needs, call 608-368-5600, or email

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