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American Made Products

When purchasing a Cotta transmission, you are purchasing an “American Made” product that is built with the highest quality available.   Cotta’s team takes pride in providing customers with a product that is built to withstand the harshest environments.  You have access to the best in transmission technology expertise when Cotta is your chosen source.  Our […]

Purchase Replacement Parts Direct from Cotta

If you have a need for any Cotta replacement parts or gearboxes, there is no need to go through a distributor.  You can contact Cotta directly!  Our genuine Cotta parts are designed to match our exact standards, tolerances and OEM specifications, so that they will fit perfectly and work optimally in your Cotta brand of […]

Reduction Gearbox Used in Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are most commonly used for pumping low viscosity fluids, such as water, solvents, oils, acids, organics etc.  Cotta’s engineering team designed and manufactured this reduction gearbox that will be used in a large centrifugal pump. First-piece inspection was conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support our zero-defect policy.  After […]

Creep Drive Design for Guardrail Truck Application

A customer of Cotta’s has has been using this creep drive design for over 10 years.  These units shown in the picture are getting close to shipment and will be used in a guardrail truck application.  The creep drive allows the vehicle to creep along at very low consistent speeds, regardless of the engine speed.  […]

Custom Speed Reducer Gearboxes – Numerous Sizes

Cotta’s long tradition of manufacturing the highest quality gearboxes, American-made for more than a century, is exemplified in our extensive line of speed reducers.  Compact and rugged, Cotta’s engine mounted speed reducers are designed to meet the demands of modern diesel engines. Cotta offers standard models, or will design a custom gearbox for your application.  […]

High-Capacity 4-Pump Drives

For decades Cotta has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-capacity pump drives.  As with all Cotta products, the pump drives provide years of dependable and efficient performance in the harshest most demanding conditions.  To help make the process of finding the best solution for your power equipment requirements, Cotta’s website helps […]

High-Speed Gearbox Designed for Test Stand Use

Cotta’s Model SN1649 is a foot mounted single increasing stage, high-speed gearbox designed for test stand use.  The gearbox is compact, making it suitable for enclosure into utilized test stands. The model has a stub input shaft and typically has an aerospace accessory drive pad output.  The gearbox can be modified for operation up to […]

Gearbox Overheating

Cotta Transmission has been a leading force in transmission gearboxes for over a century. Cotta products are are known for their durability, often operating in extremely harsh conditions.   If a gearbox happens to overheat, outside factors are most likely the cause.   Some of those factors include the operating and ambient temperatures, lubricant viscosity index, as […]

Pump Drive Ready for Shipment

Cotta recently completed the painting process on this pump drive, which will be used in a rope shovel application. Cotta’s customer has been purchasing the pump drives for over 10 years. The units, as with all Cotta transmission gearboxes, have proven to be one of the most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in our […]

Pump Drive Used in Rope Shovel

Cotta’s complete product line has been supporting a wide variety of industries and applications for years, where demanding performance is required under the most extreme conditions and challenging environments. The mining industry is one of those industries in which Cotta continues to meet the high performance requirements of customers.  The process involved in the mining […]