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Custom Speed Reducer Gearboxes – Numerous Sizes

Cotta’s long tradition of manufacturing the highest quality gearboxes, American-made for more than a century, is exemplified in our extensive line of speed reducers.  Compact and rugged, Cotta’s engine mounted speed reducers are designed to meet the demands of modern diesel engines. Cotta offers standard models, or will design a custom gearbox for your application.  […]

Compound Gearbox Used for Drill Rigs

Cotta Transmission Company works with customers in numerous markets to provide them with engineered gearbox solutions.  Cotta’s capabilities include manufacturing this large compound gearbox that is being used in drill rigs. Specifications: Ratio 1:1 on Companion Flanges Max Input Speed: 2500 RPM Max Power: 550 HP Per Input Approx. Weight: 3000 lbs Heat Rejection:  76300 […]

Cotta Wet Clutch Gearbox Technology

In response to customer demand, Cotta has developed a new line of wet clutch transmissions based on our most popular products.  These products take reliability, durability, and ease of use to a new level in the most demanding applications.  Cotta’s wet clutch option is an industry leading technology which provides lower maintenance, extended clutch life, […]

Driving Performance in Ground Water Drilling & Pumping

To be successful in water well drilling and pumping, your equipment requires highly reliable transmissions and gearboxes that deliver optimum performance in demanding applications. For over a century, Cotta has been designing transmissions, speed reducers and increasers, transfer cases, and custom gearboxes of uncompromised quality. Companies working with ground water drilling and pumping have come […]

Heavy-Duty Pump Drive

Cotta just completed assembly on another heavy-duty pump drive.  The unit will be going through testing prior to being painted and shipped out to the customer.  Cotta’s high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges.  They […]

High-Performance Gearboxes

You don’t have to be a gearbox expert with Cotta as your source. Whether you need standard, modified standard, or a completely new design, Cotta’s engineering team will work with you to meet your specific requirements, effectively and efficiently. Cotta’s engineers and designers work with customers to develop solutions, and then deliver drawings in virtually […]

Transfer Case in Testing Lab

Cotta’s Transmission systematically and comprehensively monitors the quality of all internal processes.  In addition to first-piece inspection, which is conducted on every machining sequence, once assembly is complete, Cotta tests every transmission product that is shipped.   As well as having an exceptional staff, Cotta’s testing capabilities has played a key role in Cotta becoming a […]

Pump Drive for Offshore Application

Cotta recently completed assembly on this pump drive, which will be used in an offshore application.  Cotta’s customer manufactures hydraulic and electric powered movable structures, designing the entire systems for civil, industrial, military, marine and offshore applications and jacking systems. Pump Drive Specifications:  Ratio: 1 to 1.67 Overspeed Anti-Engine Rotation Max Output Speed: 5800 RPM […]

Transfer Case Used in Mobile Rail Welding Truck

Plasser & Theurer is headquartered in Austria, and is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete range of machines for the laying and maintenance of railway tracks. The company also has a location in Chesapeake, VA, operating under Plasser American, which manufactures and services railroad equipment.  Back in 2016 a company that […]

Creep Drive Design

Cotta’s Model TR2273 is an auxiliary gearbox designed to provide precision vehicle speed control by using a hydraulic motor to rotate the vehicle’s drive shaft.  The Creep Drive control gearbox is installed in the drive-line between the main transmission and rear axle. In road mode power is transmitted normally via a through shaft in the […]