Cotta Transmission Company has been manufacturing gearboxes for fan drives for decades.  These speed increasers are being used to run 2 and 3 stage centrifugal fans in sewer cleaning equipment.  This type of application requires a robust gearbox that will not get out of balance from the rocks, dirt and other debris that run through the system during the sewer cleaning process.


  • Ratio: 1 : 2.036
  • Max Input Torque: 625 ft lbs
  • Approximate Weight: 375 lbs

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Speed Increasers for Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Cotta engineers have designed heavy-duty transfer cases for many decades, and can offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements .  Cotta’s heavy-duty transfer cases are optimized for vocational truck, custom chassis, well drilling, oil field service, and specialty truck applications.  They provide up to 800 HP and 22,000 lb-ft of input torque, and offer modular concepts that help maximize your inventory and maximize application flexibility.  Cotta recently completed assembly, and testing on these transfer cases which will be used in a drilling application.



  • 1:1 Input to Output
  • 1:1.2 Input to Pump Pad

Max Speed:  3000 RPM

Max Cont. Torque Thru Gears:  1900 Ft-Lb

Max Cont. Torque Top Shaft:  12500 Ft-Lb

Yield Torque Top Shaft:  17000 Ft-Lb

Max Power:  700 HP

Approximate Weight:  1160 Lb




Cotta’s pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and machining to offer you with the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges. Cotta recently manufactured this pump drive for an oilfield application.

See specifications below:

  • Ratio: 1.27 to 1 Reducer
  • Max Input Power: 2,500 HP
  • Max Input Torque: 6,100 FT-LB

Max Power: Upper Pads: 1,100 HP

  • SAE E Pad: 360 HP
  • SAE C Pad: 135 HP

Max Input Speed: 2,100 RPM

Approximate Weight: 6,200 LB

Approximate Oil Volume: 13 GAL.



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Cotta’s Model TR2273 is an auxiliary gearbox designed to provide precision vehicle speed control by using a hydraulic motor to rotate the vehicle drive shaft.  The Creep Drive control gearbox is installed in the drive-line between the main transmission and rear axle. In road mode, power is transmitted normally via a through shaft in the gearbox.  In creep mode the main transmission is shifted to neutral and the hydraulic motor and reduction gear-set in the gearbox are engaged to rotate the drive-line.  Applications include paint stripers, feeders, spreaders, lifts, road/rail, and similar uses requiring inching or remote operations.


Max Input Speed:  3000 RPM drive shaft

Max Torque:

  • Drive Shaft-12,500 lb -ft.
  • Motor pad – C spline   475 lb -ft
  • Motor pad -CC spline  900 lb -ft
  • Motor pad – D spline   1250 lb -ft

Reduction Ratio:

  • 3:1 gearbox
  • 13.5:1 using optional 4.5:1 input planetary

Through Shaft Spline Size:  2.75 x 10 straight side

Motor/Pump Pad:  SAE “C”

Mounting:  (4) 1/2″-13 tapped holes on 11″ x  13″ rectangular pattern

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Splash delivery

Shifting:  Dual acting air cylinder

Approximate Weight:  400 lbs.

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Creep Drive Design


Custom Truck One Source’s rail car mover works in conjunction with a split-shaft Cotta gearbox and a pump drive. Cotta worked with Custom Truck to develop a gearbox solution that included all of the customer’s requirements. The split-shaft PTO supplies power to the rear axles in the road mode.

Cotta offers expert remanufacturing and repair of your Cotta gearbox. Whether you’re looking for a gearbox power ratio upgrade, a total parts refresh, a recommission on equipment, an onsite consultation, or to set up a service plan that fits your needs,  you can count on Cotta to find the optimal solution.

Our Genuine Cotta Repair & Rebuild Service process begins with a thorough inspection, cleaning and complete evaluation. Then after our diagnosis, only Genuine Cotta Parts are used as replacements during our reassembly.  Your finished transmission is then carefully tested to the same standards as new manufacturing specifications and it is fully supported by our factory warranty.

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The Cotta team gathered today to celebrate with their co-workers, Rob Bauman and Bruce Lumpkin, as they enter into retirement.  Rob was employed by Cotta for 10 years working in the shipping department, and Bruce was employed by Cotta for 14 years working in the area of hobs and manuals.  Both Rob and Bruce played pivotal roles in Cotta’s success throughout their years of employment.

We are all extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Rob and Bruce, and appreciate their hard work and commitment to Cotta over the years.  We wish both of them a happy and healthy retirement!


Cotta manufactures this gearbox that is currently being used in a rotary drill application that drills big holes in large quarries, petroleum extraction, open pit mines, etc.   Over 10 years, Cotta’s customer has relied on this gearbox to withstand extremely harsh environments.  See gearbox specifications below:

  • Ratio: 16.04 to 1
  • Max Input Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Max Output Torque: 12000 ft lb
  • Max Thrust Load: 80000 Either Direction
  • Approximate Weight: 1600 lbs (726 kg)

Cotta has been a leader in providing gearbox solutions to customers in the mining industry, as well as numerous other industries worldwide.

Cotta’s Pump Drives have provided years of dependable and efficient performance in the harshest, most demanding conditions. Cotta’s hardworking, high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you the competitive edge you need to meet your most demanding pumping challenges. They provide up to 3000 HP, and include extra-wide pump spacing to ensure easy maintenance. Our engineers here at Cotta have been designing heavy-duty pump drives for many decades, so we can offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements.

See specifications below on this pump drive engineered and manufactured by Cotta Transmission:

  • Ratio:  1.27 to 1 Reducer
  • Max Input power:  2500 HP
  • Max Input Torque:  6100 Ft – Lb

Max Power

  • Upper Pads:  1100 HP
  • SAE E PAD:  360 HP
  • SAE C PAD:  135 HP

Other Specs:

  • Max Input Speed:  2100 RPM
  • Approximate Weight:  6200 lbs
  • Approximate Oil Volume:  13 Gal.

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Cotta Transmission completed the assembly on this high-speed gearbox for a systems integrator specializing in dynamometers and test stands. The customer reached out to Cotta and needed a gearbox to reduce turbine speeds into their dynamometer speed range. This is the second unit at this installation and the requirement was to create a duplicate envelope gearbox with the new specifications. Cotta’s engineering team was able to fit the new ratio in the existing center distances while still providing all design requirements.

The high-speed gearbox will be used in a in R&D test stand application, with the dynamometer providing the load on the unit. The end user of the gearbox is one of the top science and technology research universities in the world.


Ratio:  1 to 15.68

Max Output Speed:  62,000 RPM

Max Power:  315 kW (420 HP)

Max Output Torque:  75 Nm (55 Ft-Lb) @ 40,000 RPM

Approximate Weight: 430 kg (950 LB)

Estimated Efficiency:  1270 BTU/Min