When purchasing a Cotta transmission, you are purchasing an “American Made” product that is built with the highest quality available.   Cotta’s team takes pride in providing customers with a product that is built to withstand the harshest environments.  You have access to the best in transmission technology expertise when Cotta is your chosen source.  Our engineers are a true extension of your company.  Having the experience of working with hundreds of companies and thousands of gearbox designs, our team of engineers will listen to your needs and share ideas, fulfilling your requirements to the best of our capabilities.  Cotta is ISO 9001:2015 Certified as well, which helps to ensure the highest quality practices in our product design and engineering, our test and measurement equipment, and other internal throughput processes.

Whether you need a standard, modified-standard or completely new design, Cotta is ready to go to work.  Cotta has 2,000+ existing product designs available, plus our experienced engineers and craftsmen who can take virtually any new transmission application from concept to delivery at our Beloit, Wisconsin production facility.  These are some of the many reasons why Cotta has been in business for over a century!

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If you have a need for any Cotta replacement parts or gearboxes, there is no need to go through a distributor.  You can contact Cotta directly!  Our genuine Cotta parts are designed to match our exact standards, tolerances and OEM specifications, so that they will fit perfectly and work optimally in your Cotta brand of equipment.

Cotta maintains an extensive inventory of standard service parts, and any non-stock parts are made to order in our Beloit, WI facility. Available is an online library of interactive part schematics linked to each unit’s bill of materials. You can select a unit, then the part number(s) for what you need to order, and then specify the number of items per part.  Cotta also offers expedited processing service as well, which reduces your lead time by “hand carrying” your order through the necessary steps.

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Centrifugal pumps are most commonly used for pumping low viscosity fluids, such as water, solvents, oils, acids, organics etc.  Cotta’s engineering team designed and manufactured this reduction gearbox that will be used in a large centrifugal pump. First-piece inspection was conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support our zero-defect policy.  After assembly, and testing of the gearbox in Cotta’s state-of-the-art testing facility, the unit was painted in Cotta’s inhouse paint booth, packed, then shipped out to the customer.

See Gearbox Specifications Below:

Ratio:  1.59 to 1

Engine Rotation

Max Input RPM:  2200

Max Input Torque:  2600 FT-LB

Approximate Weight;  1350 LB

Cotta’s team works with customers to design the best possible gearbox that your product or situation requires.  Contact Cotta to discuss your application’s needs. See links below:

Speed Reducers


Application Design Data Interactive Form


A customer of Cotta’s has has been using this creep drive design for over 10 years.  These units shown in the picture are getting close to shipment and will be used in a guardrail truck application.  The creep drive allows the vehicle to creep along at very low consistent speeds, regardless of the engine speed.  This in turn allows the auxiliary systems to utilize the power needed to perform the work needed effectively.  The vehicle is then able to drive at a normal speed once the system is disengaged.


  • Ratio 3 : 1
  • Max Torque: 1250 ft lbs input PTO mode, 12500 ft lbs thru mode
  • Approximate Weight: 390 lbs
  • Oil Capacity: 12 quarts

Cotta has a creep drive model #Tr2273, which is a creep drive gearbox designed to provide precision vehicle speed control by using a hydraulic motor to rotate the vehicle drive shaft.  To learn more, click on Creep Drive.

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Application Design Interactive Form


Cotta’s long tradition of manufacturing the highest quality gearboxes, American-made for more than a century, is exemplified in our extensive line of speed reducers.  Compact and rugged, Cotta’s engine mounted speed reducers are designed to meet the demands of modern diesel engines. Cotta offers standard models, or will design a custom gearbox for your application.  The reducers are furnished with bell housings to mount directly to the engine’s SAE flywheel housing.

Speed reducers are available in increasing sizes nominally 100 HP to 2200 HP, and with flywheel housing sizes from SAE 4 to ((.  At approximately 2200 HP capacity, the gearboxes become physically too large to direct mount at which point independent mount gearboxes are offered.

Speed reducers can be coupled to the engine by a variety of methods, including clutches, drive plates, or torsional couplings depending upon the application requirements.

Some reducers are suitable for driving side pull loads using belts or chains on the output shaft. Consult with Cotta Engineering before selecting a gearbox for use with a side pull load.

Cotta’s speed reducer catalog is organized into a standard-ratio section and a high-ratio section with each sorted from smallest to largest by power capacity. These gearboxes are considered “standards”, but are not the only reducers available.  Cotta offers modified standard boxes, as well as full-custom and purpose-built boxes.

Cotta speed reducers have been used in numerous applications, some of which are listed below:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Gen-sets
  • Rock crushers
  • Wood chippers
  • Shredders
  • Dredges
  • Snow Blowers


For decades Cotta has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-capacity pump drives.  As with all Cotta products, the pump drives provide years of dependable and efficient performance in the harshest most demanding conditions.  To help make the process of finding the best solution for your power equipment requirements, Cotta’s website helps users to quickly find specifications on some of Cotta’s most popular pump drives.

Cotta’s Heavy Duty Pump Drive Catalog reflects products which are tabulated in descending order by input HP.  You may make a selection by input power, then refer to the individual spec sheet to determine if the power division between outputs is suitable for your specific application.  To start the process of a custom engineered solution, users can also contact Cotta for assistance with their pump drive selection, or use Cotta’s interactive Application Design Data form by clicking here.

Cotta’s Pump Drives Offer:

  • A standard case that is cast iron for strength and rigidity. For custom designs, stress relieved steel fabrications are used
  • A through shaft can be provided. Add optional disconnect for intermittent drive requirements
  • Lube pump, heat exchanger, and lube distribution circuit is provided
  • SAE housings from 00 (shown in picture) to 1 for minimum installation space. Delete housing for remote mounting
  • Various flywheel couplings including over center clutches, torsional couplings, drive plates, and air clutches
  • Interchangeable pump pads from SAE B to F can be used on any station. DIN spec pads available. Field configurable


Cotta’s Model SN1649 is a foot mounted single increasing stage, high-speed gearbox designed for test stand use.  The gearbox is compact, making it suitable for enclosure into utilized test stands. The model has a stub input shaft and typically has an aerospace accessory drive pad output.  The gearbox can be modified for operation up to 50,000 rpm output speed.


Power:  300 HP

Output Speed:

  • 30,000 RPM Typical
  • 50,000 RPM with modifications

Ratios:  2.00, 2.58, 3.00, 4.00, 5.44. Contact Cotta for other available ratios

Max Accell/Decel Rate:  200 rpm/sec at output. For high rates contact Cotta

Input Configuration:  Keyed stub shaft is standard. Contact Cotta for optional inputs

Output Configuration:  AND20002 pad is typical. Shafts and various other pads available

Rotation:  Input can be driven ccw or cw.  Output rotates opposite to input

Lubrication:  Positive delivery.  Pump, heat exchanger, and necessary temp and pressure controls are furnished

Options:  Accelerometers, speed pickup, and other application specific items can be accommodated or supplied

Approximate Weight:  200 lbs

Standard Finish:  2-part polyurethane enamel

Over 50 years, Cotta has designed and manufactured a diverse line of high-speed gearboxes that are used by some of the largest OEM companies in the world for numerous R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace and industrial components.  Contact Cotta for for your high-speed gearbox needs.




Cotta Transmission has been a leading force in transmission gearboxes for over a century. Cotta products are are known for their durability, often operating in extremely harsh conditions.   If a gearbox happens to overheat, outside factors are most likely the cause.   Some of those factors include the operating and ambient temperatures, lubricant viscosity index, as well as load conditions.  However, the most frequent cause for gearboxes to overheat is the oil level.  Too little oil may result in reduced delivery, or no delivery to moving parts, which can cause high friction and heat. Conversely, too much oil increases agitation by gears, bearings, and other moving parts which can generate unwanted heat.  The inclination to add more oil than necessary, or “just in case”, should be avoided.

Oil level concerns are addressed with all Cotta products by experimenting with the levels at the Cotta factory. If there are special operating circumstances such as pitch or roll, or a jerky motion that can cause the oil level to change on your Cotta gearbox, contact our Engineering team to discuss the best way to re-locate the oil level.  Call 608-368-5600 or email sales@cotta.com .

Cotta recently completed the painting process on this pump drive, which will be used in a rope shovel application. Cotta’s customer has been purchasing the pump drives for over 10 years. The units, as with all Cotta transmission gearboxes, have proven to be one of the most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in our industry. Cotta takes great pride and care in designing a gearbox…your gearbox. We work together to discover your specific needs, or uncover the power issues causing problems, and drive ourselves hard to design the best possible high-speed transmission gearbox, speed increaser, or reducer, pump drive, or product your situation requires.



Cotta’s complete product line has been supporting a wide variety of industries and applications for years, where demanding performance is required under the most extreme conditions and challenging environments. The mining industry is one of those industries in which Cotta continues to meet the high performance requirements of customers.  The process involved in the mining industry can be difficult.  The equipment used is often operated in very remote locations with highly variable rock and operating conditions, therefore the reliability and durability of the equipment is essential as it saves on down time and money.

Cotta is currently in the process of assembling a pump drive that will be used in a rope shovel.  This application is a bucket equipped machine that is used for digging and loading earth or fragmented rock for mineral extraction.


Ratio:  1.0 to 1.0

Max Torque:  4920 FT-LB

Max Speed:  1100 RPM

Max Power:  1030 HP

Max Power Per Pad:  257 HP

Approximate Weight:  2800 LB

Pump Drive for Rope Shovel

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