Reduction Unit for City’s Backup Pump

Reduction Unit

Cotta’s long tradition of manufacturing the highest quality gearboxes, American-made for more than a century, is exemplified in an extensive line of speed reducers.  Cotta recently manufactured a reduction unit for a customer that was in need of a gearbox for a pumping application.  It was imperative that the gearbox be reliable and durable, like all Cotta products, as the unit is being used in a backup pump for fresh water supply for a major US City.

Specifications Below:

  • Ratio:  2.0 to 1 Engine Rotation
  • Max Input Torque:  5000 Ft-Lb
  • Max Input Speed:  2300 RPM
  • Max Power:  2000 HP
  • Approximate Weight:  2100 lbs

Typical uses for Cotta speed reducers include pumps, dredges, compressors, crushers, drills, and high-performance machinery for oil & gas, construction, mining and other industrial applications.

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