Speed Reducer for Aerospace Test Stand

High-Speed Gearbox in Test Stand

Cotta Transmission has a niche in the high-speed gearbox market, offering custom solutions when off-the-shelf products just aren’t a fit.  Companies continue to turn to Cotta’s engineering department for unique prototype solutions, many of which are being used in test stands to help validate the customer’s developing technology.

Cotta manufactured this speed reducer that is being used in an aerospace test stand application.  See specifications below:

  • Ratio:  1.719 : 1
  • Maximum Shaft Speed:  29,000 RPM
  • Maximum High Speed Shaft Power:  445 HP
  • Maximum Accel/Decel Rate:  2000 RPM/s on High Speed Shaft
  • Approximate Weight:  270 LBS
  • Total Inertia:  .06868 LB-IN – S^2
  • Referred to High Speed Shaft

Cotta provides you with the optimum gearbox design for your application.  Provide us with as much information as you have available by clicking here.

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