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For decades Cotta has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-capacity pump drives.  As with all Cotta products, the pump drives provide years of dependable and efficient performance in the harshest most demanding conditions.  To help make the process of finding the best solution for your power equipment requirements, Cotta’s website helps users to quickly find specifications on some of Cotta’s most popular pump drives.

Cotta’s Heavy Duty Pump Drive Catalog reflects products which are tabulated in descending order by input HP.  You may make a selection by input power, then refer to the individual spec sheet to determine if the power division between outputs is suitable for your specific application.  To start the process of a custom engineered solution, users can also contact Cotta for assistance with their pump drive selection, or use Cotta’s interactive Application Design Data form by clicking here.

Cotta’s Pump Drives Offer:

  • A standard case that is cast iron for strength and rigidity. For custom designs, stress relieved steel fabrications are used
  • A through shaft can be provided. Add optional disconnect for intermittent drive requirements
  • Lube pump, heat exchanger, and lube distribution circuit is provided
  • SAE housings from 00 (shown in picture) to 1 for minimum installation space. Delete housing for remote mounting
  • Various flywheel couplings including over center clutches, torsional couplings, drive plates, and air clutches
  • Interchangeable pump pads from SAE B to F can be used on any station. DIN spec pads available. Field configurable