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Cotta offers a heavy duty 4-station pump drive in either engine mount via SAE flange, or independent mount.  This unit has output stations for fitment with SAE pump pads, sizes “B” to “F”, and various ISO and custom pads.  Pad size and location are customer specified.


Max Power:

  • Input:  3000 HP
  • Output:  825 HP at any output

Max Input Speed:  2100 RPM

Max Torque:  10,700 lb-ft. input

Rotation:  Output pads rotate opposite input

Ratio:  1:014 reduction

Output Options:  SAE, ISO, and custom pump pads.  Custom shafts, disconnects, and clutches

Mounting Options:  SAE flange size #00. Independent

Flywheel Coupling Options W/SAE Flange:  Overcenter clutches, torsional couplings, drive plates, custom

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Lube pump and filter included. Heat exchanger required

Approximate Weight:  6100 lbs


Cotta’s high-capacity pump drives are constructed with top quality materials and precision machining to offer you with the competitive edge you need to meet the most demanding pumping challenges. They provide up to 3000 HP, and include extra-wide pump spacing to ensure easy maintenance.  Our engineers here at Cotta have been designing heavy-duty pump drives for many decades, so we can offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements.