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Cotta’s high-speed gearboxes are built to provide many years of service, which is a reason why some of the largest OEM companies in the world have come to Cotta for custom built gearbox solutions.  In addition to designing high-speed gearboxes for speed management in non-aviation and industrial applications, where highly-specialized, powerful and reliable solutions are needed, Cotta has also designed numerous gearboxes for R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace, and industrial components.

Cotta’s engineering team designed this high-speed gearbox that will be used in a test stand for an aerospace application.  After the assembly process is completed, additional quality checks will be made on the gearbox as it goes through testing in Cotta’s high-speed programmable test cell.  See gearbox specifications below:


  • 1 to 8.436 overspeed low speed pad (20,000 RPM Max)
  • 1 to 12.79 Overspeed high speed pad (30,000 RPM Max)

Max Accel/Decel Low Speed Pad:   2933 RPM/SEC

Max Accel/Decel High Speed Pad:  4400 RPM/SEC

Total Inertia:  132.876 LB-IN-SEC ^2 Referred to Input Shaft

Approximate Weight:  2100 LB