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Cotta Transmission gearboxes are personally crafted to meet your requirements, and are some of the most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in the industry. Cotta works with each customer to discover their specific needs, uncover the power issue causing problems, and designs the best possible product to overcome the challenges that the application presents.

For example, Cotta designed a top mast drive from the ground up specifically for a customer’s blast hole drilling application. The bearing arrangement on the output shaft was designed to have as much downward force as upward force on the bearings, which is a very desirable feature for a blast hole top mast drive. A typical top head will have the bearing configuration on just one side so that all of the steel can be held up in the air with the appropriate amount of pressure on the bit while drilling. Cotta’s solution was designed with our customer to meet their unique requirements for pushing down or pulling up. The greater down force gives the end user the ability to drill the blast holes faster. Cotta’s custom top mast drive has proven to be a strong and reliable product for the customer for over 30 years.

Blast Hole Drilling Top Mast Drive

Cotta has over 2,000 existing product designs available, and an experienced engineering team that can take any new transmission application from concept to delivery at our production facility in Beloit, WI.