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Cotta’s Model TR2273 is an auxiliary gearbox designed to provide precision vehicle speed control by using a hydraulic motor to rotate the vehicle’s drive shaft.  The Creep Drive control gearbox is installed in the drive-line between the main transmission and rear axle. In road mode power is transmitted normally via a through shaft in the gearbox.  In creep mode the main transmission is shifted to neutral and the hydraulic motor and reduction gear-set in the gearbox are engaged to rotate the drive-line.  Applications include paint stripers, feeders, spreaders, lifts, road/rail, and similar uses requiring inching or remote operations.


Max Input Speed:  3000 RPM drive shaft

Max Torque:

  • Drive Shaft-12,500 lb -ft.
  • Motor pad – C spline   475 lb -ft
  • Motor pad -CC spline  900 lb -ft
  • Motor pad – D spline   1250 lb -ft

Reduction Ratio:

  • 3:1 gearbox
  • 13.5:1 using optional 4.5:1 input planetary

Through Shaft Spline Size:  2.75 x 10 straight side

Motor/Pump Pad:  SAE “C”

Mounting:  (4) 1/2″-13 tapped holes on 11″ x  13″ rectangular pattern

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Splash delivery

Shifting:  Dual acting air cylinder

Approximate Weight:  400 lbs.

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