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The speed of development of electric vehicle drivetrains and components has brought new testing challenges to the test equipment market.  One of those challenges includes finding new, high-speed test equipment for component and drivetrain testing.  Cotta has supplied some of the world’s leading electric vehicle & drivetrain manufacturers with high performance gearboxes.  Cotta gearboxes are designed for years of high-cycle testing up to 90,000+ RPM.  With many more hybrid and electric vehicles coming to the automobile market, a significant portion of energy consumption will be electricity use. A number of Cotta customers have a long history of testing these types of vehicles to understand the energy flows and the impact that certain aspects, such as regenerative braking and HVAC, have on the electrical energy consumed both from the vehicle battery and the electricity grid. Testing helps improve the energy efficiency of vehicles to reduce the vehicle’s operating costs, and meet regulatory requirements of a low-carbon economy.

Several Cotta customers offer test system solutions for measuring electric vehicle energy efficiency. Below are some typical electrification applications where our broad line of high-speed gearboxes are used:

  • High-Speed Electric Motor Test Systems
  • Electric Axle Driveline Test Systems
  • Electric Accessory Testing

Since the 1960’s, Cotta has been designing and manufacturing a diverse line of high-speed customized gearboxes to meet the specified needs of customers.  Cotta’s high-speed gearboxes are used by major automotive and component manufacturers for both R&D, and production test stands.  Cotta gearboxes are designed and built to last, with some of the early units still operating in the field today.   One example, is a customer that uses a Cotta gearbox in one of their in-house stands. The gearbox has  operated for over 25 years without a major breakdown.  The customer has specific requirements for stringent applications, and over the years Cotta has always been quick to respond to meet the customer’s needs.

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