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Reports indicate that the oil rig count has been steadily increasing over the past weeks, which means more gearboxes will be put back to work and the need for replacement gearboxes and parts will increase as well.  Rigs currently sitting on the sidelines will start coming into play if the trend on the rig count continues.

In today’s market we all are facing supply chain issues, and with gearboxes being a specialty product, it is more important than ever to plan ahead.   As much as we would like to be able to make a gearbox instantly, it may take some time to get some of the components needed to manufacture a gearbox.  If you think you will have requirements for a gearbox or replacement parts within the next 6 months, look at getting your orders in sooner rather than later.  Beat your competitors to the punch so that you will have the product when you need it.

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