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Cotta T series lube systems support the lube requirement of Cotta gearboxes that do not have sufficient internal reservoir capacity for standalone operation.  The systems are available in five sizes from 5 to 60 gallon tank capacity.  These units are custom configured according to gearbox requirements for lubricant type, pressure, flow, and filtration. Some systems are unitized and shipped assembled.  Non-unitized systems are shipped as sub-assemblies for customer completion.

Additional Information:

Capacity:  T series lube stands are available as described by the number after the letter “T” indicating max tank capacity in gallons – not flow or working capacity.  T5, T17, T20, T40, and T60.

Pump:  Positive displacement single or multiple-section pumps are utilized.  Multiple-section pumps support ancillary functions, such as labyrinth seal scavenge or charge pressure to additional test components.

Motor:  Standard industrial electrical motors sized to meet pump power requirements.  Discuss with Cotta your facility electrical requirements.

Heat Exchanger:  Shell-and-tube oil/water heat exchangers are standard. Plate type oil/water heat exchangers and oil/air radiators are options for some T units.

Temperature Control:  Liquid cooled units use a temperature sensing modulated valve to regulate temperature by controlling water flow to the heat exchanger.  Radiators use calibrated temperature switches for fan actuation.

Temperature/Pressure Switch:  lubricant over-temperature and under-pressure switches for integration into customer controls are optional.

Level Indicator:  Glass plug sight gage or vertical glass tube are typical. Electronic level sensor is optional.

Filter:  Bypass type.  Micron is application dependent.

If you have questions regarding lubrication systems, or any of Cotta’s products, please call at 608-368-5600, or email sales@cotta.com, and an application specialist will help you.