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Cotta Transmission has been a leading force in transmission gearboxes for over a century. Cotta products are are known for their durability, often operating in extremely harsh conditions.   If a gearbox happens to overheat, outside factors are most likely the cause.   Some of those factors include the operating and ambient temperatures, lubricant viscosity index, as well as load conditions.  However, the most frequent cause for gearboxes to overheat is the oil level.  Too little oil may result in reduced delivery, or no delivery to moving parts, which can cause high friction and heat. Conversely, too much oil increases agitation by gears, bearings, and other moving parts which can generate unwanted heat.  The inclination to add more oil than necessary, or “just in case”, should be avoided.

Oil level concerns are addressed with all Cotta products by experimenting with the levels at the Cotta factory. If there are special operating circumstances such as pitch or roll, or a jerky motion that can cause the oil level to change on your Cotta gearbox, contact our Engineering team to discuss the best way to re-locate the oil level.  Call 608-368-5600 or email sales@cotta.com .