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Cotta recently repaired this High-Speed Gearbox Model SN1939-1 which has been in use for almost 14 years by a leading aerospace manufacturer of jet engines and related components. Our SN1939-1 gearbox is used to test production parts, such as engine-related components, at their manufacturing facility. During routine preventative maintenance, our customer noticed the gearbox had about a “tablespoon of metal debris” that collected on a magnet at the bottom of the gearbox. From our inspection here at Cotta, we found one bearing wasn’t spinning freely on the high-speed shaft – which we discovered also had a small chip in the shaft. Our Genuine Cotta Repair Service begins with a thorough inspection, cleaning and complete evaluation and then, after our diagnosis, only Genuine Cotta Parts are used as replacements during our reassembly process.

Model Series SN1939 High-Speed Gearbox Specifications:

  • Nominal Power of 600 hp
  • Max Output Speed of 30,000 rpm
  • Ratio Range up to 14.40 overspeed
  • Max Accel / Decel Rate of 2,000 rpm/sec at output
  • Approximate Weight of 1,600 lbs.

Model SN1939 is a foot-mounted, two-stage increasing, two output, high-speed gearbox that is designed for test stand use. This model has a stub input shaft and two aerospace output pads typically AND20006. Both output pads have the same direction of rotation and the same ratio. There is a special design option to have a different ratio on each output. Contact Cotta engineering for information on per head power capability. For more information about Cotta SN1939 and other high-speed gearboxes in our line, visit our High-Speed Gearboxes Page.


Reports indicate that the oil rig count has been steadily increasing over the past weeks, which means more gearboxes will be put back to work and the need for replacement gearboxes and parts will increase as well.  Rigs currently sitting on the sidelines will start coming into play if the trend on the rig count continues.

In today’s market we all are facing supply chain issues, and with gearboxes being a specialty product, it is more important than ever to plan ahead.   As much as we would like to be able to make a gearbox instantly, it may take some time to get some of the components needed to manufacture a gearbox.  If you think you will have requirements for a gearbox or replacement parts within the next 6 months, look at getting your orders in sooner rather than later.  Beat your competitors to the punch so that you will have the product when you need it.

To speak to an application specialist, email sales@cotta.com , or call 608-368-5600.

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