Cotta continues to solidify our reputation as a preferred high-performance gearbox supplier by consistently improving our current line of products along with developing new innovative products.  We systematically and comprehensively monitor the quality of all internal processes.  First-piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support our zero-defect policy, and then we assemble and test every transmission product we ship from our plant.

To further enhance these capabilities, Cotta made the investment in an all-new test lab that went operational in 2015.  Our state-of-the-art gearbox test facility includes three programmable test cells:


  • 500 HP horizontal input (3600 RPM)
  • 8′ x 11′ x 8.5′ test area
  • 25,000+ RPM Input speeds
  • 2-150 GPM temperature-controlled oil lubrication system
  • Multi-channel FFT spectrum analysis


  • 20 HP horizontal input
  • 7′ x 16′ x 7′ test area


  • 30 HP fully-adjustable orientation input
  • 7′ x 19′ x 7′ test area


  • Remote shifting
  • Fully shielded and interlocked area
  • Up to 5-ton crane capacity
  • Temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, load, sound, and audiovisual surveillance with DVR

Our test lab facility is just one more reason why customers choose to work with Cotta.  Contact Cotta for more information at 608-368-5600 or email sales

Cotta manufactures two-speed rail axles for a customer that will be used for rail maintenance vehicles.   Options were made available to the customer to supply the axles with wheels and bearings installed.  Cotta systematically and comprehensively monitors the quality of all internal processes.  In addition to performing a first-piece inspection on every machining sequence, starting at the source to support a zero-defect policy, after assembly, Cotta tests every transmission product that is shipped from the plant.  The video in this post shows a two-speed rail axle running in one of Cotta’s testing cells.

See Specifications Below:

  • Ratio:  6.00 to 1 Reduction
  • Max Input Power: 260 HP Each
  • Max Torque:  455 Ft-Lbs Each
  • Max Speed;  3000 RPM
  • Approximate Weight:  1300 Lbs
  • Approximate Oil Capacity:  3 Gallons