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Cotta recently repaired this High-Speed Gearbox Model SN1939-1 which has been in use for almost 14 years by a leading aerospace manufacturer of jet engines and related components. Our SN1939-1 gearbox is used to test production parts, such as engine-related components, at their manufacturing facility. During routine preventative maintenance, our customer noticed the gearbox had about a “tablespoon of metal debris” that collected on a magnet at the bottom of the gearbox. From our inspection here at Cotta, we found one bearing wasn’t spinning freely on the high-speed shaft – which we discovered also had a small chip in the shaft. Our Genuine Cotta Repair Service begins with a thorough inspection, cleaning and complete evaluation and then, after our diagnosis, only Genuine Cotta Parts are used as replacements during our reassembly process.

Model Series SN1939 High-Speed Gearbox Specifications:

  • Nominal Power of 600 hp
  • Max Output Speed of 30,000 rpm
  • Ratio Range up to 14.40 overspeed
  • Max Accel / Decel Rate of 2,000 rpm/sec at output
  • Approximate Weight of 1,600 lbs.

Model SN1939 is a foot-mounted, two-stage increasing, two output, high-speed gearbox that is designed for test stand use. This model has a stub input shaft and two aerospace output pads typically AND20006. Both output pads have the same direction of rotation and the same ratio. There is a special design option to have a different ratio on each output. Contact Cotta engineering for information on per head power capability. For more information about Cotta SN1939 and other high-speed gearboxes in our line, visit our High-Speed Gearboxes Page.