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You don’t have to be a gearbox expert with Cotta as your source. Whether you need standard, modified standard, or a completely new design, Cotta’s engineering team will work with you to meet your specific requirements, effectively and efficiently. Cotta’s engineers and designers work with customers to develop solutions, and then deliver drawings in virtually any CAD format to drop into the customer’s own design.

High-Speed Gearboxes

Cotta manufactures uniquely-designed, high-speed gearboxes that are widely used in R&D and production test stands for automotive and aerospace components, such as generators, constant-speed drives and pumps.  Our high-speed gearboxes are also applicable to use for speed management in many non-aviation, industrial applications-from turbine reduction gears to centrifugal driers, to numerous other instances where a highly specialized, powerful and reliable solution like our high-speed gearbox is needed.

Speed Reducers and Increasers

Cotta speed reducers and increasers will match the optimum engine speed to the optimum driven equipment speed, allowing your engine and your load to operate at ideal efficiency.  Our heavy-duty gearboxes are designed for use with modern commercial diesel engines from major OEMs.  If a pre-designed unit doesn’t fit what you need, then our engineering team will create a custom solution specifically for your application.

Pump Drives

Cotta high capacity pump drives are constructed to provide the competitive edge needed to meet your most demanding of pumping challenges.  Cotta pump drives provide a wide range of horsepower, and include extra-wide pump spacing to ensure easy maintenance.  Our engineers at Cotta have been designing heavy-duty pump drives for many decades, so we offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements.

Transfer Cases

Cotta’s dependable and versatile transfer cases are the choice to convert your truck engine power for a wide range of onsite work capabilities. Our heavy-duty transfer cases are optimized for vocational truck, custom chassis, well drilling, oil field service, and specialty truck applications. They offer modular concepts that help minimize your inventory and maximize application flexibility.

Wet Clutch Gearboxes

In response to customer demand, Cotta has developed a new line of wet clutch transmissions based on our most popular products. These products take reliability, durability, and ease of use in the most demanding applications. Cotta’s wet clutch option is an industry leading technology which provides lower maintenance, extended clutch life, and remote actuation for ease of operations.

All Cotta products are built to provide customers with years of service, and to withstand the daily grind of prolonged operation to work in the most extreme of environmental conditions.

Contact Cotta for your gearbox needs at 608-368-5600 or email sales@cotta.com .