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Cotta has been in business for over a century, and after venturing into the high-speed gearbox market over 50 years ago, Cotta has been the go-to-solution provider for high-speed ever since.  Cotta has the ability to start with a “clean-sheet design”, which allows us to show you our versatility and experience to engineer a customized gearbox solution that fits your personal requirements and needs.  Whether it’s a standard build or a custom configuration, Cotta will find the right recommendation for you.

Cotta’s engineering team worked with a customer to develop a solution for another high-speed gearbox that will be used in an aerospace test stand application. Cotta ensures the highest quality practices in our product design and engineering, our test and measurement equipment, and other internal throughput processes. See gearbox specifications below:

Augmentor Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 8.36
  • Max Torque:  855 IN-LB @ 27,239 RPM
  • Max Speed:  29,963 RPM

Low Speed Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 2.61
  • Max Torque:  1,456 IN-LB @ 8,525 RPM
  • Max Speed;  9,378 RPM

Main Fuel Pump:

  • 1 to 11.00
  • Max Torque:  486 IN-LB @ 34,900 RPM
  • Max Speed:  38,390 RPM

Approximate Weight:

  • 1,619 Lbs
  • Inertia:  39.11 LB-FT ², referred to input shaft

Cotta’s existing high-speed gearbox models are intended to summarize our capability, and to generate ideas – it is not an absolute product list. To view these models, click the link below:

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