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Cotta has an extensive background in working with research facilities at universities worldwide, supplying high speed gearboxes for test stand applications.  Some of those facilities are involved with research and product development for OEM’s in the aerospace propulsion and power industries.

For over 50 years, Cotta has designed and manufactured a diverse line of high speed gearboxes that are used by some of the largest OEM companies in the world.  The gearboxes are developed for numerous R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace and industrial components. Cotta’s high speed gearboxes are also applicable for speed management in non-aviation, industrial applications – from turbine reduction gears to centrifugal driers, to numerous other instances where a highly specialized, powerful and reliable solution is needed.

On a recent project for a university, Cotta’s engineering team designed and manufactured a high-speed gearbox for a test stand.  See specifications below:

RATIO:  1 TO 13.02




Staley Co., located in Carmel, NY, is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in Aircraft Ground Support Test Equipment.  Staley has been using Cotta high-speed gearboxes for some of their most difficult and demanding applications for aviation component test equipment.  The Cotta gearboxes have been successfully integrated in test stands ranging from 25 HP to 300 HP, and 20,000 to 60,000 RPM.

Kevin Loffredo, Senior Engineer and Partner at Staley Co, stated “Cotta ranks up there as one of the best.  We have worked closely with their engineering team time and time again, particularly on unique challenges for mounting a particular aircraft component on test.  We have found the team at Cotta to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and in a word, ‘speaking our language.”  Kevin further stated, “Beyond the engineering and initial purchase, after sales support and product reliability have been tremendous.  Over 30 plus years, we have deployed dozens and dozens of Cotta gearboxes without issue.  In several cases, with the help of Cotta engineers, we have even been able to retrofit 25 to 30 year old boxes with different gear sets for a different speed range application. In short, when it comes time to look for a high-speed gearbox, we know who to call.”

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