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Over 100 years Cotta has supplied custom gearboxes to numerous markets worldwide. Cotta has over 2,000 existing product designs available.  Some of those markets in which those products are being used are the industrial, oilfield and mining markets.  See below for examples of applications in those markets:

  • Compression
  • Drilling
  • Pumping
  • Dredging
  • Process Machinery
  • Shredding
  • Crushers
  • Conveyors

Below are some of the Cotta products that have been ideal for the above types of applications:

Cotta has a team of experienced engineers and craftsmen who can take virtually any new transmission application from concept to delivery. Contact Cotta for more information at sales@cotta.com, or call 608-368-5600.

Cotta manufactures this gearbox that is currently being used in a rotary drill application that drills big holes in large quarries, petroleum extraction, open pit mines, etc.   Over 10 years, Cotta’s customer has relied on this gearbox to withstand extremely harsh environments.  See gearbox specifications below:

  • Ratio: 16.04 to 1
  • Max Input Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Max Output Torque: 12000 ft lb
  • Max Thrust Load: 80000 Either Direction
  • Approximate Weight: 1600 lbs (726 kg)

Cotta has been a leader in providing gearbox solutions to customers in the mining industry, as well as numerous other industries worldwide.