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NLB Corporation has been leading the way in water jet productivity since 1971, offering a wide range of high-pressure and UHP water jet pump units, water blasting equipment and accessories.  NLB had been using Horton Clutch prior to switching over to Cotta Transmission almost 20 years ago.  Since switching suppliers, NLB has had great success using Cotta gearboxes on all of their truck mounted systems.

The NLB Starjet is a self-contained system with rotating water jets on a robotic arm that is mounted to the front of a truck.  The Cotta gearbox is being used as a creep drive to give the trucks a controlled and precise travel speed.  The Starjet System is used to remove pavement markings, as well as runway rubber buildup. The travel speed is very important when utilizing high pressure water (40,000 PSI).  If the travel speed is too fast, the required marking will not be 100% removed.  If the travel speed is too slow, the base surface could be damaged. The creep drive that NLB uses has a minimum travel speed of 10 ft/minute to a max speed of 350 ft/minute. The system will hold the set speed whether the equipment is full of water or empty of water, going uphill or downhill.  This precise travel speed allows NLB’s customers to perform flawlessly over the competition that uses other gearboxes.


NLB Corporation is launching their newest model Starjet SRV-7 that also uses a Cotta gearbox.

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