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Cotta Transmission completed the assembly on this high-speed gearbox for a systems integrator specializing in dynamometers and test stands. The customer reached out to Cotta and needed a gearbox to reduce turbine speeds into their dynamometer speed range. This is the second unit at this installation and the requirement was to create a duplicate envelope gearbox with the new specifications. Cotta’s engineering team was able to fit the new ratio in the existing center distances while still providing all design requirements.

The high-speed gearbox will be used in a in R&D test stand application, with the dynamometer providing the load on the unit. The end user of the gearbox is one of the top science and technology research universities in the world.


Ratio:  1 to 15.68

Max Output Speed:  62,000 RPM

Max Power:  315 kW (420 HP)

Max Output Torque:  75 Nm (55 Ft-Lb) @ 40,000 RPM

Approximate Weight: 430 kg (950 LB)

Estimated Efficiency:  1270 BTU/Min