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Cotta recently designed and built this new Wet Clutch Gearbox Model SR2347E for a hydraulics and tooling company in Colorado. Our Model SR2347E is a single-stage reduction gearbox designed for direct mounting to industrial engines via an SAE flange and driven in standard engine rotation (clockwise facing input shaft). This unit incorporates an idler shaft to provide output rotation same as input. The SR2347 Speed Reducer features a Cotta multi-disc wet type master clutch and is coupled to the engine via a torsional dampener. Our wet clutch option provides lower maintenance, extended clutch life, and remote actuation for ease of operation. This particular SR2347E for our customer includes Remote Monitoring capability, allowing them to view real-time performance parameters of specific gearbox functions on a customized dashboard accessed via webpage.

Model Series SR2347E Wet Clutch Gearbox Specifications:

  • Max Input Torque of 2600 lb-ft.
  • Max Input Speed of 2,200 rpm, or as otherwise limited by flywheel coupling
  • Ratio Range of 1.28 to 3.0
  • Output Shaft of 4″ diameter, 9″ long, 1″ x ½” keyway at a standard 6 o’clock position
  • Approximate Weight of 1,600 lbs.

Our SR2347E units are ideal for industrial, oilfield and mining applications up to 1,000 hp and are designed for applications where direct engine, high HP reduction gears or speed increases are needed. For more information about Cotta Wet Clutch Gearboxes, visit this page.


Cotta is now offering industry leading remote monitoring capabilities for many gearboxes within our product line.  Remote monitoring allows the user to view real-time performance of gearbox specific functions such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • Hours under load
  • Input speed
  • Output speed
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Clutch position (engaged, disengaged)
  • Clutch performance (wet clutch versions)
  • Oil level

These parameters, or any combination thereof, can be viewed on a customizable dashboard accessed via a webpage.  Critical to function parameters, can be reviewed, and decisions on normal service and overall gearbox performance can be made without having to physically inspection the gearbox, thereby saving time and money.

Remote monitoring is ideal for equipment in remote locations, such as oilfield, mining, natural gas compression stations, etc.  This technology allows you to monitor your system to keep track of important gearbox parameters, and to know when routine maintenance may be needed. Let Cotta create a remote monitoring gearbox for your specific application.