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Cotta has designed and manufactured a diverse line of high-speed gearboxes that are used by some of the largest OEM companies in the world for numerous R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.  This gearbox is high-speed and was designed for a customer’s R&D test stand application.  The gearbox will be going through extensive testing prior to being sent out to the customer. In addition to systematically and comprehensively monitoring the quality of all internal processes, first-piece inspection is conducted on every machining sequence, and every transmission is tested prior to shipment.

Gearbox Specifications Below:

  • Ratio: 1 to 13.02
  • Max Torque:  700 Ft-Lb High-Speed Shaft
  • Max Speed:  23,000 RPM High-Speed Shaft
  • Approximate Weight:  3000 Lb

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