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Cotta’s high-speed gearboxes are built to provide many years of service, which is a reason why some of the largest OEM companies in the world have come to Cotta for custom built gearbox solutions.  In addition to designing high-speed gearboxes for speed management in non-aviation and industrial applications, where highly-specialized, powerful and reliable solutions are needed, Cotta has also designed numerous gearboxes for R&D and production test stand applications for automotive, aerospace, and industrial components.

Cotta’s engineering team designed this high-speed gearbox that will be used in a test stand for an aerospace application.  After the assembly process is completed, additional quality checks will be made on the gearbox as it goes through testing in Cotta’s high-speed programmable test cell.  See gearbox specifications below:


  • 1 to 8.436 overspeed low speed pad (20,000 RPM Max)
  • 1 to 12.79 Overspeed high speed pad (30,000 RPM Max)

Max Accel/Decel Low Speed Pad:   2933 RPM/SEC

Max Accel/Decel High Speed Pad:  4400 RPM/SEC

Total Inertia:  132.876 LB-IN-SEC ^2 Referred to Input Shaft

Approximate Weight:  2100 LB



Cotta’s complete product line supports a wide variety of industries and applications, where demanding performance is required under the most extreme working conditions and challenging environments.  One of those industries where Cotta’s products are in high demand is the vocational truck industry. Trucks in this type of industry typically include construction trucks, utility trucks, garbage trucks, heavy haul trucks and more.   Cotta manufactures these overspeed gearboxes for a customer that has been using the units in a sewer pumping application.  Over 10 years the gearboxes have proven to be a reliable and durable solution for the customer.

Unit specifications:  

Ratio:  1 to 1.61

Max Output Speed:  3600 RPM

Max Input Torque:  350 Ft-Lb

Approximate Weight:  220 Lb

Speed Increasing Gearbox

To learn more about Cotta’s capabilities, contact an application specialist by emailing sales@cotta.com, or calling 608-368-5600.