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Cotta Speed Reducers are designed for use with the commercial offerings of major industrial engine manufacturers.  The reducers are furnished with bell housings to mount directly to the engine’s SAE flywheel housing.

Speed Reducers are available in increasing sizes from nominally 100 HP to 2200 HP, and with flywheel housing sizes from SAE 4 to 00.  At approximately 2200 HP capacity the gearboxes become physically too large to direct engine mount at which point independent mount gearboxes are offered.

Speed Reducers can be coupled to the engine by a variety of methods, including clutches, drive plates, or torsional couplings depending upon the application requirements.

Some of the reducers are suitable for driving side pull loads using belts or chains on the output shaft. Consult with Cotta Engineering before selecting a gearbox for use with a side pull load.

Cotta’s catalog is organized into a standard-ratio section and a high-ratio section with each sorted from smallest to largest by power capacity. These gearboxes are considered “standards” , but are not the only reducers available. Cotta offers modified standard boxes, as well as full-custom and purpose-built.

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