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Cotta’s team just completed assembly and testing of these gearboxes, and is in the process of getting them ready to ship.  The units shown consist of two different split shaft PTO models, as well as a top mast drive.  Cotta gearboxes have proven to be one of the most most reliable, durable, and powerful products available in the industry. See below for more information:


Split Shaft PTO Gearbox

Split Shaft PTO


  • 1 to 1.02 PTO Drive
  • 1 to 1.02 Pump Pad

Max Input Speed:  2900 RPM

Max Torque:  1200 FT-LB Thru Gears

Thru Drive Torque: 12,500 ft-lb

Approximate Weight: 880 LBS


Split Shaft PTO Specialty Gearbox

Split Shaft PTO

Ratio:  1 to 1 PTO Drive

Max Input Speed:  3000 RPM

Max Torque:  1200 FT-LB Thru Gears

Thru Drive Torque:  12,500 FT-LB

Approximate Weight:  540 lb


Top Mast Drive

Top Mast Drive

Ratio:  2.50 TO 1 Reduction

Max Input Speed:  600 RPM

Max Output Torque:  12,000 FT-LB

Max Pull Out On Output Shaft:  80,000 LB

Max Push In On Output Shaft:  30,000 LB

Approximate Weight:  600 LB