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Plasser & Theurer is headquartered in Austria, and is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete range of machines for the laying and maintenance of railway tracks. The company also has a location in Chesapeake, VA, operating under Plasser American, which manufactures and services railroad equipment.  Back in 2016 a company that was assisting Plasser with building a truck during product development, reached out to Cotta for a custom transfer case that would be used in a new mobile rail welding truck.  Cotta’s engineering team worked closely with the customer, and offered a solution that met the weight limitations and all other requirements.

David White, contracting/service rep for Plasser American, stated “The Cotta gearbox has been working solid.  The past 2-3 months we have been running the unit even harder 6-7 days a week, sometimes double shifts with 16-20 hours/day.”  David expressed how happy they have been with the Cotta transfer case, and that they have had no issues with the unit.  He further stated, “Whenever we’ve had regular maintenance on the unit and needed parts, Cotta’s service was always great and we never had any issues getting parts in a timely manner.”

Plasser succeeded in integrating their top technology for rail welding into a truck vehicle that doesn’t exceed Federal Bridge Law weight limits. Plasser is breaking through an old market with this product line.

Technical Data on Truck:

  • Length:  39′ 3″
  • Width:  10′ 3″
  • Height:  11- 4″
  • Weight-Weld Head:  12,000 Lbs
  • Weight-Truck Complete:  79,000 Lbs
  • Truck Engine Power:  599 HP
  • Auxiliary Engine:  130 HP
  • Generator Nominal Current:  520 AMP
  • Generator Output:  500/100 V/Hz


Transfer Case Specifications:

  • Ratio: 1 to 1 PTO Drive
  • Max RPM:  3000 Direct Drive; 2300 PTO Drive
  • Max Thru Torque:  12500 Ft-Lb
  • Max Torque thru Gears:  2300 Ft-Lb
  • Approximate Oil Capacity:  4.5 Gal
  • Approximate Weight:  1200 Lb

Cotta Transmission’s TR2248 is a 5 shaft transfer case designed to provide vehicle motor power to road to the work site and then shift to PTO to re-direct engine power to deck and ancillary equipment.  A combination of internal and external disconnects (de-clutches) serve to shift from road-to-PTO, as well as clutching and de-clutching the deck equipment.  A variety of optional pads, disconnects, yokes, etc. are available to power a wide range of ancillary equipment.  The spec drawing shows a typical configuration.

Nominal Application Power: 725 HP

Torque Capacity: 

  • 1900 lb-ft continuous through gears
  • 12500 lb-ft continuous through PTO shaft
  • 17000 lb-ft momentary through PTO shaft

Max Speed: 3000 RPM


  • 1:1 input to output
  • 1.2 overspeed input to pump-pad

Center Distance: 33.44 inches input to output

Rotation: Output stations rotate same direction as input

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Lube pump furnished

Shifting: Air Shift

Output Shaft Size: 2.75-10 straight side spline

Common Options: SAE and ISO yokes and flanges, disconnects, pump pads, clutches, stub shaft

Weight: Approximately 1200 lbs


Cotta Transfer Case

Cotta Transmission’s TR2205 three gear transfer case is being used in workover rigs, and other custom chassis where standard offerings from other manufacturers just aren’t strong enough.  What sets this gearbox apart from others is that it is designed to handle more load, and keeps going as others run out of steam.

Cotta designed the transfer case for maximum application flexibility. The T-case has mirror symmetry and provides four identical input/output stations.  Each station has a 2.75 x 10 splined shaft, and can be fitted with yokes or flanges.  A disconnect (de-clutch) can be fitted to the I/O stations to provide power interruption.  An optional line of disconnects features SAE pump pad outputs.  A special version of this model can be configured as a transfer case, drop box, PTO, or pump drive. Most options are available for field retrofit without having to return, remove, or disassemble the gearbox.


Nominal Application Power: 600 HP

Torque Capacity:

  • 2200 lb-ft continuous through gears
  • 6800 lb-ft continuous through shaft
  • 17000 lb-ft momentary through shaft

Max Speed:  2800 RPM

Ratio:  1:1 input to output

Center Distance:  17 inches input to output

Rotation: Outputs rotate same direction as input

Lubrication:  Internal reservoir. Lube pump furnished

Shifting: Disconnects are air shift. Mechanical shift option available

Output Shaft Size:  2.75 – 10 straight side spline

Common Options: SAE and ISO yokes and flanges, disconnects, pump pads, clutches, stub shaft

Weight:  Approximately 600 lbs w/o options


Cotta’s heavy-duty transfer cases are optimized for vocational truck, custom cassis, well drilling, oil field service, and specialty truck applications. They provide up to 800 HP and 22,000 lb-ft. of input torque and offer modular concepts that help minimize your inventory and maximize application flexibility.  Cotta engineers have designed heavy-duty transfer cases for many decades, and is able to offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements, including:

  • Single or dual speed units
  • Direct of remote mounting
  • PTO output/hydraulic pump pads
  • Shaft-disconnect pump pads
  • Front and rear mounted disconnects

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