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Cotta has some more transfer cases that are in the process of being painted and will soon be ready to ship. The transfer cases are used as creep drives in guardrail trucks, and gives the ability to creep at a very low consistent speed without being affected by the speed of the engine.  This allows the auxiliary systems to utilize the required power to effectively perform the work that is needed.  The vehicle is able to drive at normal speed once the system is disengaged.

Creep Drive Specifications:

Ratio:  3:1

Max Torque: 1250 ft lbs input PTO mode, 12500 ft lbs thru mode

Approximate Weight: 390 lbs

Oil Capacity: 12 quarts

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Gearboxes Ready to be Painted

Cotta engineers have designed heavy-duty transfer cases for many decades, and can offer hundreds of proprietary designs to best match your power equipment requirements .  Cotta’s heavy-duty transfer cases are optimized for vocational truck, custom chassis, well drilling, oil field service, and specialty truck applications.  They provide up to 800 HP and 22,000 lb-ft of input torque, and offer modular concepts that help maximize your inventory and maximize application flexibility.  Cotta recently completed assembly, and testing on these transfer cases which will be used in a drilling application.



  • 1:1 Input to Output
  • 1:1.2 Input to Pump Pad

Max Speed:  3000 RPM

Max Cont. Torque Thru Gears:  1900 Ft-Lb

Max Cont. Torque Top Shaft:  12500 Ft-Lb

Yield Torque Top Shaft:  17000 Ft-Lb

Max Power:  700 HP

Approximate Weight:  1160 Lb