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Cotta manufactures a transfer case and top mast drive for a customer that uses the gearboxes in water well drill rigs.  The top mast is a small gearbox that goes into the mast of the drill rig, and is responsible for turning the pipe that drills the hole in the ground.  The transfer case is used to drive the truck and all its accessories.

Below is a picture top mast gearboxes in assembly:

Top Mast Gearbox in Assembly

Top Mast Gearbox Specifications:

Ratio:  2.50 to 1 Reduction

Max Input Speed:  600 RPM

Max Output Torque:  12000 Ft-Lb

Max Pull Out on Output Shaft:  30,000 Lbs

Approximate Weight:  600 lbs

Below is a picture of the transfer case prior to paint:

Transfer Case Before Paint

Transfer Case Specifications:


  • 1:1 Input to Output
  • 1:1.2 Input to Pump Pad

Max Speed:  3000 RPM

Max Cont Torque Thru Gears:  1900 FT-Lb

Max Cont Torque Top Shaft:  12,500 FT-LB

Yield Torque Top Shaft:  17000 Ft-LB

Max Power:  700 HP

Approximate Weight:  1160 LB