Cotta Gearbox Replacement Parts

Cotta Replacement Gearbox Parts

It is not uncommon for Cotta to receive service part requests for gearboxes that have been operating in the field for over 50 years.  That says a lot about the quality and durability of Cotta’s products.  If you are looking for replacement parts to a Cotta gearbox, you can contact Cotta directly.

How easy is it to find the part that you need? It’s simple, all you need is the information below:

  • Stock List Number (P/N) on Transmission name plate
  • Or Serial Number on Transmission name plate

If the nameplate happens to be missing, you can provide Cotta with the serial number stamped into the gear case. This is usually visible when looking down on the transmission in its installed position (see picture below).

Cotta Gearbox Serial Number

Cotta also has an online library of interactive part schematics linked to each unit’s bill of materials. You can select a unit, then the part number(s) for what you need to order, and then specify the number of items per part.

Learn more – Interactive Part Schematics Library

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