Ron Locarno Memorial Golf Outing

This past weekend Cotta employees, John Locarno, Larry Walls, Pat McNinch, & Cal Powers, participated in the Ron Locarno Memorial Golf Outing @ Swan Hill Golf Course in Belvidere, IL.  John Locarno, Sales Manager at Cotta Transmission, helped set up the golf outing to honor his brother, Ron, who passed away in 2018 after a long battle with cancer. There were 107 golfers who spent the day playing the sport Ron loved.  The event raised over $8,000, with the family donating the proceeds to the Veterans’ Drop-In Center located in Rockford, IL .  The purpose of the event was to bring attention to veterans who suffered from Agent Orange, with so many having lost their lives to cancer most likely caused by being sprayed with chemicals, walking through rice patties, bathing in rivers, and cutting contaminated barrels open for barbeques and popping popcorn.

The Veterans’ Drop-In Center is a nonprofit corporation which was started in 2009 when a group of caring compassionate people decided that Rockford area veterans and their families needed a place to gather and meet with their peers.  The organization is run by volunteers, and offers a positive social environment with direct referrals to all veterans organizations.

Learn more by visiting Veterans’ Drop-In Center’s Facebook Page

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