Rigorous Gearbox Testing

Gearbox Test Lab

To help ensure that our products are the best in the industry, Cotta performs rigorous testing on every gearbox prior to shipment. Cotta’s three programmable test cells play a key role in Cotta providing the highest quality product to each and every customer. Cotta has the capability to perform high-speed testing, low-speed testing, and special purpose testing.  This includes temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, load, sound, and other audiovisual surveillance with DVR.  This comprehensive testing helps to assure optimal gearbox performance that is expected from Cotta products.

In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 certified, Cotta’s entire team is also committed to being the top custom gearbox supplier worldwide.  This starts with the first phone call from the customer, to the phases of product development,  design and engineering, test and measurement equipment, and other internal throughput processes.

When you choose Cotta, you have access to the best in transmission technology expertise.  Cotta engineers become a true extension of your company, and provide you with the best product to fit your needs.  To speak to an application specialist, contact Cotta at 608-368-5600, or email sales@cotta.com .


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